Thursday, January 10, 2013

DJ Marky Podcast is Back in Action After 1 Year Hiatus!

I began to wonder where he was all this time.
No sign of a DJ Marky / S.P.Y. album anytime soon...
No show at Coachella 2011...
No sign of a solo album...
Just when I thought we lost him...
He's back for 2013!

DJ Marky is the greatest Brazilian Drum and Bass producer and DJ,
who gained massive attention with a little tune he produced with producer mate XRS, 
"LK" Featuring Stamina MC.
For those of you who don't know the track, click below to be blown away.

Since 2002 when this song was released, DJ Marky has gone on to become one of the 
biggest and baddest Drum and Bass DJs on earth.
He is always on the cutting edge of what is hot, happening and fresh in this 
ever-changing world of DNB.

Please do visit his website by clicking below,
 then kick back with a mixed drink with an umbrella in it,
and experience the DJ Marky Podcast.

In closing I would like to point your attention to one of the most ridiculous DJ videos I've ever seen.
While recently bored and searching youtube for some DJ Marky music,
I cam across a video of one of his DJ sets alongside his other Brazilian DJ and producer mate,
DJ Patife.
Purveyor of the "Smabass" sound (a hybrid of Brazilian Samba and Drum and Bass)
the "Sonar De Sao Paulo: DJ Marky vs. DJ Patife" set is one of a kind.
Bouncing back and forth between tracks like the turntablist group, "The X-Ecutioners"
Marky and Patife show us DJs what is possible and inconceivable with a turntable.
Do not mind the sound quality, nor the video quality when the strobe light come on and blurs everything...
Just wait for it.... wait for it... 
at about the 50 minute mark...
DJ Marky turns his turntable upside down and begins scratching to the beat without 
making a single mistake! Unlike anything I've ever seen before in the DJ world!
Check it!!!!

Special Thanks to: DJ Marky and only DJ Marky.

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  1. Thanks a lot , I've started making dnb music and need ur thoughts about this sample pack