Thursday, January 24, 2013

KICKS #6 - Retrospective: Lebron James by NIKE

This edition of KICKS is brought to you by:
"The King" Lebron James
The following is a retrospective of some of the hottest shoes
Nike has ever created. 
Retail Price: Too much.

Lebron 10 "Prism"
Just released this past month

Lebron 9 "Miami Vice : South Beach"

Detail of Lebron 8

Lebron 9 "Cannon"

LeBron James 10 Champagne Sneakers

Lebron 10 "MVP Edition"

Lebron 9 "Low"


Lebron 10 ... "Charlotte Hornets"? 


Special Thanks to: Growing up idolizing Michael Jordan, Feeling like my dog died when Jordan retired for the last time, Not wanting Kobe Bryant to be the successor to my idolized Jordan, not knowing who I wanted to consider my favorite player in the game, Just by chance catching the 2006 NBA Eastern Conference Finals when Lebron James unleashed his fury on the Detroit Pistons, by scoring 30 un-answered points in the fourth quarter to win the game, not only solidifying the fact that Lebron is the real deal, the "heir apparent" to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, but ruining the Detroit Pistons franchise for the next ten years, knowing that Lebron James is going to be in the conversation of the NBA Finals for the next 10 years, the fact that Lebron James is a hybrid of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

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