Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Music Tuesdays: Four Tet Releases Unreleased Album As Free Download on SoundCloud

With the harsh winter months hitting us hard, it's time to gather round by the fire (or space heater) with some music that can warm the soul. Fortunately for us, Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet has made some of his rather excellent unreleased material from 1997-2001 available as a free download. You can certainly hear his early influences which helped hone his now signature blend of folk music stylings fused with crisp downtempo beats.

Listen & grab the free download of Four Tet's unreleased album below:

Special Thanks: Four Tet, Tycho live at The Troubadour being even better the second time around, The San Francisco 49ers back in the NFC Championship, new beginnings and sushi burritos.

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