Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jose Parla - Unveils Graffiti mural at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center

José Parlá is an artist who assumes several roles in order to create his work; he acts as a historical transcriber, and a visual raconteur. As a transcriber, he records his experiences in calligraphic and palimpsestic code. Serving as a collection of textually chronicled memories, the markings appear on backdrops that resemble the distressed surfaces he encounters – the cosmetic results of passed time – city walls marred from layers of paint, old posters, and years of neglect. As a storyteller, Parlá presents a leitmotif of an enigmatic narrative, reaching to translate moments that only a visual dialogue can convey.

In honor of the artist Jose Parla, Upperhands will be re-designing it's website 
to reflect the work of Jose Parla.

 Special Thanks to: Vandalism with a spray can, marker, paper, oil stick, mop, fire extinguisher, lipstick, paint, crayon, paint roller, etc.

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