Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Upperhands - The Special Thanks Edition

If you are reading this blog for the first time, than it is imperative
that we discuss the "Special Thanks" segment seen at the end of 
specific posts and stories.
Special Thanks are free form and pure from any inhibition.
Special Thanks are inspired by Vice Magazine's "Do's and Dont's".
Special Thanks are meant to insight, educate, rant, vent and display our inner thoughts.
Special Thanks will not apologize for grammatical errors.
Special Thanks wants readers to comment on the post.
Special Thanks comments can be as ruthless or intelligent as necessary to move 
the story forward.
Special Thanks are completely biased in many different directions.
Special Thanks seeks not to offend anyone. Except for Republicans and Gary Bettman.

Special Thanks to: The internet for allowing all of this to happen, staying inside all day to be productive, seeing the effects of Hurricane Sandy on New York with my own eyes, taking photographs of The Freedom Tower, the newest skyscraper in the place of The World Trade Center, Deciding in 2001 which college I would go to based on being able to see The World Trade Center form our dorms, playing music all day, the genius who decided that it would be cool to take skis and turn them into a singular snowboard, My New York Giants and New YOrk Jets missing the playoffs in the same week, Adrian Peterson for showing us that "Anything is Possible!", PRO ERA PEEP: The Aprocalypse.

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